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Now I know that some of you are aware that when Radio Free Buckie began, It was kind of a Bible Study program. But I have another one of those, called, ReDiscovering the Bible. You can find it on Stitcher, or Podcast Garden, or find a link on my website, samburtonpresents.com. And I started thinking that doing two of essentially the same kind of program was just going to get old for folk. So I decided to start doing something really special with Radio Free Buckie.

First, I know that people here in Moray, at least a lot of us, are concerned about what we eat, and about our weight. I also know that there are a whole bunch of us who are trying to figure out how to eliminate debt and live debt free. I even wrote a book about that subject, called, IOU NO MORE. So I thought this would be a great place for us to talk about food and money. And maybe some other stuff as we go along.

But I need to be honest with you from the get go, I’m a Christian. And you’ll find that I talk about the Bible a whole lot. In fact, the Bible has a lot to say about food AND money. So, from time to time, we’ll look at what the Bible says about these topics.

And I may talk about food, or money, for several weeks in a row. If you’re not interested in one of those topics, be patient, and we’ll get back to your topic. Just enjoy the ride, and leave the driving to us.

If you want to ask a question, make a suggestion, or comment, there are a couple of ways to do that. You can use the comments section of samburtonpresents.com, you can use the FB page, Radio Free Buckie, or you can email me directly, radiofreebuckie@gmail.com. I’ll remind you of those addresses before we say goodbye.

I went to the doctor this week, and got a pretty good report. I’ve lost 50 pounds. Now I still have quite a few to go before I’m through, but that’s really awesome for me to announce. My blood pressure and heart rates are really good, too. So good, that we’re going to try and see if I can start taking less medication for my heart. That’s a real goal for me. I want to be off meds. I will do whatever I need to do to get off them. But not until the time is right. I will be under a doctors guidance every step of the way.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had 4 strokes and a heart attack. A little over a year ago I had triple bypass surgery. That was all very frightening for me and I don’t want to go through it again, so I will follow my doctor’s instructions to the letter.

And that’s my advice to you, too. If you need to see a dr. go. If you need to take meds, take them. Don’t try and prove your manhood, or lady hood, or whatever. Just take them. But do what you can to get to the point where you don’t need them anymore. That’s my goal. Just like it was once a goal to be debt free, not it’s my goal to me medication free.

Have you ever noticed how many diet plans are out there? Some of them are really good. Some of them are mainly designed to separate you from your money. Why are there so many? Because we’re all different. We all have different triggers, different strengths. Different weaknesses. Different tastes.

The trick is, most of us want a magic pill, or a patch. We don’t want to have to work for it. And that’s what makes us vulnerable to the hucksters and con men.

I’ve been fat a long time. I’ve tried them all. And if not literally all, a large portion of them. I’ve taken pills, drank shakes, counted points, read books, ate specially made foods. And I’ve lost a bunch of weight. For a while.

But somewhere along the way, I started looking to see what God’s way of eating looked like. And what doctors said. First, I found that God made all kinds of food, plant and animal, and that He said it’s good. I also found that we have changed the way we prepare, and store food from the good old days. We don’t cook anymore. I have concluded, that if it comes from a plant (or animal), it’s generally good, if its made IN a plant, it’s bad for you. It might be convenient, but it’s bad for you.

For example, potatoes, are very healthy. They are full of vitamins and minerals. They come from a plant. But dried, instant potatoes, are bad for you. They have very little nutritional value. They are full of great tasting, chemicals, preservatives, and processed stuff that will just make you fat. Even canned potatoes, have had the skin removed. That’s where a lot of the nutrition is, in the potato peel. And if you buy canned potatoes, they’re naked. Plus, they’ve had to put things in to keep them edible.

Get your potatoes whole. Cook them with the skin on them. And don’t eat too many. They are also rather fattening.

When you’re shopping, think of it this way, the outside aisles with fresh meat and veg are good, the inside aisles where all the processed junk is held, are less good.

Now, I know it’s an old fashioned way of thinking, but calories are still key to weight loss. We don’t want to hear that. But the only way to lose weight and keep it off, is to eat less. But you don’t have to eat only salad and broccoli. You don’t have to eat tuna every day. You don’t have to starve yourself.

I eat nearly 2000 calories a day. Some days more. I eat loads of fat. I eat real butter. I use cream in my coffee. I use whole milk. I eat my chicken with the skin on. I eat lots of chicken thighs. I eat my mince with 20% fat. I prefer ribeye steaks. Fat is not bad for you. It fills you up. 2000 calories of a salad, will not fill me up, the way 2000 calories of steak and veggies will fill me up.

I know it’s not the way you’ve heard it’s supposed to be. You’ve been told all your life, that fat is your enemy. But what you’ve always been told is wrong.

Did you know, that the Bible says fat is good for you. God wanted the fat burned in offering to him back in the old testament. The promised land was flowing with milk and honey, not semi skimmed with aspartame.

As we go along, I will fine tune this a bit, but if you’ll start by cutting out all processed sugar. I mean donuts, white sugar, cakes, and pies made with it, all store made bread, all white flour, all white rice, (it’s processed), you’ll start losing weight. I’m serious.

Sugar is your biggest enemy. It’s in everything canned and boxed. And in processed foods, those that don’t have sugar, have processed wheat and, or, rice.

Later, I’m going to suggest that to lose weight effectively, you should cut way back on all carbohydrates, but not yet. Just start with the basics. It will be hard. We’re addicted to sugar. It’s in all the packaged foods. You are going to have to learn to cook. Even cole slaw is loaded with sugar. Just read the label. All pre packaged breads, are loaded with sugar and white flour. I know I’m asking you to give up Rollies and belly button softies. It’s not forever. But how badly do you want to lose weight?

So your assignment for this week is to give up sugar, flour, and white rice. There will be more next week. But this is enough of a challenge for you for one week. No biscuits, crackers, fried rice, marathon bars. Ice cream. Can you do it? Will you do it? How badly do you want to lose weight? I’m not even asking you to cut calories this week. Just change the way you eat.

Write me and tell me how you get on. We’ll have some more tips next week. This is enough for now. You got this. Talk to you soon. For now, I’m out.

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