Bring Down The Statues of White Jesus?

10 Most Famous Jesus Statues In The World | Jesus statue, Statue ...I have to get involved now. I’m trying to stay as silent as possible as regards the aggression and violence being perpetuated in America and the UK right now. As it stands, for the most part, all I can do is make matters worse. Oh, and who am I, that anyone should listen to me. I’m not an athlete, a celebrity, or a politician, so my words can’t have much influence other than to irritate an already open wound.

My FB feed is is packed with stories concerning the headline and article about BLM calling people to tear down the statues of a white Jesus. It’s literally all over my feed. So I’m going to speak. I am talking to Christians mostly.

Relax. Don’t take the bait. All this is, is an attempt to get you hot under the collar and to try and annoy you into saying or doing something stupid. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

These articles are all based on the tweets of a single individual. I won’t even mention his name. I don’t want to give Black Christ of Portobelo – Portobelo, Panama - Atlas Obscurahim any more attention than he deserves. This individual was famous for 15 minutes and he’s trying to grab some attention again. He used to be big in the BLM movement, but was kind of written off. He used to be a Pastor in Atlanta, but now he’s an unbeliever. He has a vendetta against the Church. I’m not entirely sure why. I know that many of the most outspoken people against Christianity are people who were formerly very involved with the Faith.

Anyway, his thoughts are his thoughts. He’s entitled to them. The constitution gives him the right to spout them. If they make you angry, that is his intent. If they cause you to do something silly, that’s his intent. Breathe deep and let it go.

The Bible has very little to say regarding race. Seriously. Take a colored pencil. Whatever color you want, and mark every passage about race. I’m going to do it again with my next read through. You will find very few. I can think of a tiny handful. You will find the Bible to be silent, not because it’s a white man’s book. It wasn’t written by Europeans. It’s silent, because God doesn’t look on our skin. As far at the Gospel is concerned, our sin issues were critical, our skin issues could be taken care of as a result of solving our sin problem.

I don’t care what color you think of Jesus in. All that discussion gives me a headache. I don’t want to debate it. I don’t want to hear anything about it. To even bring it up is just an invitation to fight. And Jesus doesn’t want that.

Statues are just statues. That’s it. They are works of art, and works of remembrance. If someone wants to tear them down, so be it. What the vandals have already done is showing their hand at trying just to inspire dissension. They’ve already torn down and defaced statues of both racists and those who fought against racism. Mobs don’t take time to look into history. They just do what mobs do.

I am a servant of Jesus of Nazareth. He lived. He died. He rose again. He ascended into Heaven. He is coming back. These are the things I drive, like a flag, into the ground. As to his color, or statues, or paintings, or books (excluding the Bible), I have no attachment. I will not be drawn into an ugly fray over them. And I urge you to have a glass of iced tea, rock in your chair, and don’t let headlines, articles, or fiery comments on Social Media, mess with your reason.

Here I stand.

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