3 thoughts on “Paranormal Scotland!

  1. Hello Sam,
    I enjoyed your first YT video, Paranormal Scotland. Because it’s rated for children, while I can subscribe to it (and did), it will not allow me, unfortunately, to receive notifications of your next video. I’d hate to miss it as it sounds fascinating.
    I’m in a Chicago suburb, and you sound as if you could be my neighbor. I’ve got a feeling you come from the U.S.
    I saw your comment regarding the goat, from Josh Turner’s channel, and that you used to raise goats. I sent a friend request, and if you accept it, I sure do have a few goat questions I’m hoping you could help me with. BTW, do you enjoy reading Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series?
    Best wishes, and best of luck with your new YT channel!


    • Susan,
      First, thanks for your note, and for watching the video. I am not a YT person, so I clicked the “for children” button because I originally thought it was proof that it wasn’t porn. I have not done that for subsequent videos. Silly boy. Yes, I am from the States. I’m from KY originally. I’ve lived in Scotland a long while, but I’m moving back to the States later this month. I wanted to do a whole bunch of the Paranormal Scotland episodes, but I only got 4 done. I had to sell my car so I could move. I will do one more. I’m going to try and continue once I return, and do some in Florida, KY, MO, OK, TX, and LA. because I have to visit those states before the end of the year.
      Yes, I used to raise goats. My wife had dairy goats, I had meat goats. I miss them terribly and hope to start again in the next year or two. I’d be happy to help in any way I can. I’m guessing you either have or want to have some four legged weed whackers.
      As far as Terry Pratchett goes, I’ve never loved his books. My son did, and does. We both like fantasy novels, but he really got into the Discworld. I just never did.
      Thanks for subscribing.


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