I Have To Rant!

I don’t really have time to do this. But I feel compelled. For years, I have believed God built healing (medicine) into creation. And that means all, or most, of the things we need are around us. Medicine should be about surgical procedures and things like that, rather than chemically creating drugs for us to ingest to deal with pain, or illnesses we’re facing.

When I take a step back and look at the world from 50,000 feet, I can see a direct connection between health and nutrition. If we eat a good diet of healthy things, especially in season, we’ll be healthy. It’s when we start eating, or growing and then eating, food that is unnaturally raised, whether plant or animal, that we start having issues.

Look at corn fed cattle, verses grass fed. Or farm raised fish, verses wild fish, or organic strawberries vs. those covered in chemicals. The list goes on. An organic (naturally raised) potato, verses instant mashed potatoes, commercially canned beans, verses home grown, or home canned ones. Free range eggs verses cage laid ones. I could do this all day.

If we look at all we have done to what we eat, it’s no wonder we’re not healthy. Our food is not good. Even commercial apples are only half as nutritious as they were when I was a kid. We haven’t paid attention. We have just paid attention to the price of things. Convenience has won the day. And we are paying a price that we don’t even realize.

Look at restaurants. The food in most of them, especially the fast food establishments, is atrocious. But it tastes good, it’s cheap, and it’s convenient.

Even medicines are built into creation. Aspirin, medicinal herbs, opium poppies, cannabis. I would contend that even magic mushrooms, and peyote have medicinal value. And we’re just beginning to see it. Oh, let’s not forget about Ivermectin. It was found in the soil!

Pharmaceutical solutions are like fast food. They are fast, and convenient. The difference is, rarely is it cheap. And that’s part of my problem with it.

I remember several years ago, when my doctor, the best Dr. I’ve ever had, or ever known, abruptly quit, in the middle of her career. She was tired of the way money had driven the medical practices. She couldn’t help people anymore. Medicine was all about profits.

My Dad and Mom had friends who were doctors, and returned missionaries to Africa. He retired early, for the same reason as my dotor. He was tired of money driving the decisions of medical groups.

There is so much going on behind the curtain and we don’t see it. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but I am becoming one. The love of money is destroying the planet.

It was working for a publicly traded company that first alerted me to this. I had spent most of my life working first in a variety of small businesses, then for Churches. Customers, employees, and prospects were the drivers of business. I thought that drove the world. Then I discovered that much of the world was driven by profit. Suddenly share holder confidence (profits) were more important than the opinions and needs of customers, prospects, or employees. It sucked the life out of me. But it was very profitable. And I stayed 5 years too long, because of the paycheck and the life it provided. I look back on those days with some shame. I spoke up about it often. My career stalled, and was eventually cancelled.

I have not put a penny into the stock market in years. I no longer believe in the morality of the companies. If I found one I did believe in, I might sponsor them.

When I was younger in ministry, I started feeling the same way about the funeral industry. Corporations were buying up the funeral homes, prices were being raised, and enormous profits were made, at the expense of grieving families. It has only gotten worse as the years have passed.

Covid 19 has caused me to look at the medical industry. I was already beside myself by the cost of medicines, and hospital care, medical insurance, and etc. I remember our insurance company forcing people to lose weight by incentivising certain body fat totals. And making premiums higher for those who were over their recommendations. The idea was, we’re funding the cost of your medical care, we will control your behavior.

Now with Covid, it’s not just insurance companies, it’s the whole government telling us to wear masks, where we can go, when, and incentivising vaccinations, even though those vaccines are unproven, and unapproved by the FDA. The providers, are raking in Billion$, and people have no recompense if the vaccines are found to be harmful. It is a travesty.

Dr. Fauci is a deceiver, and the whole thing is a cover up, and a way to get loads of money for the pharmaceuticals. Follow the money.

I have been reading, rather than just listening to the media. I am not an anti vaxer. I just want to do what’s best for my body, and allow everyone to make up their own minds. We are not given that choice.

The opposing voices are being silenced. And that is wrong. It is always wrong. Arguments should be able to stand or fall on their merits. But hundreds, even thousands of voices of professionals, who are in the know, are silenced and canceled. That is wrong. Follow the money.

We know now, that Ivermectin could literally end this pandemic in a matter of weeks, and could have done so over a year ago, but proponents were silenced. Why? There’s no money in a cheap, easily reproducible natural fix verses a chemically made, expensive, lab created vaccine.

Governments, Doctors, Nurses, and billions of ordinary people have been bamboozled. We need to say, I’m sorry, and do what we can to rebuild what we can of our destroyed economies.

I’ve been reading that this is not new. The whole virology game is rigged, and is a scam. From the Spanish Flu, to Tamiflu, to HIV, SARS, and now Covid. I am shocked at what I read. And I am both discouraged and disillusioned by it.

Again, I come back to, the fact that healing is in nature. If we will ensure we have enough vitamins C and D, get out in nature, and eat a healthy (vegetarian OR omnivore) diet, and take a prophylactic like Ivermectin, we will be fine. But there’s no money in that for anyone. Except farmers, and the savings in the pocket of ordinary people.

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