Head First Into The Fray!

By posting this entry, I am taking an amazingly large risk. I could lose all of my readers. I could even lose my blog. Perhaps even my whole website. But I have to do this. I am compelled; by science, and by logic. So let me begin with disclaimers. I am not a medical doctor. My doctorate is in Divinity. That comes into play in this post. I have studied this subject from all sides, ad nauseum. The information included here is for your thought processes, not to give you medical advice.

I think I’m beginning to make sense of this Covid drama. I don’t have it all figured out, but it’s starting to come together.

First, Covid is real. The people who say it’s not real, that it’s made up, are beyond naive. That is a voluntary ignorance. It might not be what we’re being led to believe it is, but it’s very real.

First, I’m a believer in the terrain theory over the germ theory. I believe viruses might be more closely related to other bacteria and maybe fungi than we think. Just like cancer exists as a mutation to our cells. How’s that for oversimplifying?

By the terrain theory, we could best avoid and treat diseases naturally. And if our diets are right, it helps a great deal. I also think God built healing into creation. The medicines for most of our biological problems are out there, we just need to find them. Things like Aspirin, Opium, and CBD, convince me of this. I believe there might be healing properties in magic mushrooms, and peyote, among other things. We have to look. Also look at Cacao leaves, bark, and roots. Let’s not forget the maybe millions of human lives that have been saved by Ivermectin. Also, there are properties in both Garlic and hot Chile peppers that work against cancer.

Eastern medicine still focuses on herbal and natural healing. Sure there are some silly things, like Rino Horn, but we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath. Let’s look at what’s out there.

I have wondered why the whole world overreacted in such a dramatic way to this ‘virus’. I’ve never seen such a widespread panic. We’ve had panics before, but nothing like this. Now that we’re discovering some of what was going on in Wuhan, it’s starting to get a clearer picture.

It looks like Wuhan was working on Gain of Function experimentation. Among other things, looking at bat coronaviruses, and how they can be made to pass to humans. The primary purpose of this kind of research would be to use as biological weapons. You don’t create new viruses for ‘what if’ scenarios. It’s not for the creation of vaccines for situations when something does jump from animals to humans. Especially if the virus doesn’t already do that.

Covid-19 escaped before an antidote (vaccine) could be created. No one really knew how it would mutate. I think certain high level people in certain Govts. were made aware. And were told, we can’t control it, because we don’t know what it will do. So we’ve seen all these mask mandates, lockdowns, and now vaccine mandates.

Ideas and treatments have been all over the place. The pharmaceutical companies took advantage and rolled out these mRNA vaccines, that helped short term, but lose there efficacy very quickly, maybe requiring boosters in the very short term. A surprising boon to the pharmaceutical industry’s bottom lines.

Other, natural, things, like Quercetin, and Ivermectin, have been shown to help, but because of the emergency approval of the vaccines being based on no treatments being available, they had to be shot down.

Here’s the thing, though, Ivermectin helps some people, but not everyone. Nothing does. I’m going to hypothesize that it primarily benefits those who’s terrain, was/is already geared up to fight off the ‘virus’. We see Quercetin, Vitamin C, D3, K2, and Ivermectin used to help those who already have a good diet, and healthy weight.

If we are eating meat and veg, rather than highly processed packaged stuff, and when possible, organic and grass fed/free range, we’re already ahead of the game.

I also think hospitals are killing people. The meds they’re using and the ventilators are literally killing people. I don’t want to go to hospital if I get Covid. I want to take some things, I will make a list of them to present to the medical team, but I will not take Remdesivir daor go on a ventilator. Oxygen is ok, steam is ok, a ventilator, no.

I recently saw a video from a specialist in a western State. He said he’s seeing all kinds of increase in problems related to vaccinated individuals. It was terrifying and illustrates what I feared, not that the vaccine wouldn’t work, but that it would also have major unintended consequences. Doctors all over the world are screaming, “Don’t mandate the vaccine!” But Americans aren’t hearing their voices. This is one of the most dastardly campaigns ever foisted on a free people. And we’re falling for it. Some are complaining, but no one is standing up and fighting.

I truly believe there may not be a cure, or a 100% preventative for the disease. We may be able to avoid it, and treat it. That will give us some immunity. But this disease is a man made monster, and like King Kong, it has escaped.

In Honor of Patrick Henry and John Paul Jones!

I wrote this a few weeks back, and have been sitting on it, mostly for my own protection. Today, I was about to delete it, and thought, Wait a minute. We still have freedom of speech in America. And here in Scotland. Someone needs to say this stuff. And we all need to hear it, and think about this. My doctorate is in Divinity, not Medicine. I recognize that. But Like Patrick Henry, I cry – Give me liberty, or give me death. So instead of throwing it out, I followed the advice of John Paul Jones, “Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!”


We have been betrayed. We have been sold a bill of goods. We have been tricked, lied to, and we didn’t even recognize it. And now, perhaps too late, it is out there for us to see. We have been played for fools, and were ate up the role. Now we must wait and learn the consequences of our actions.

The entire world has been trapped in the malaise of Covid-19. We have been isolated. We have been forced to wear masks. We have been trapped in our homes, then in our home towns, unable to socialize, worship together, or be entertained. Governments, local and national, have issued proclamations, and handed down regulations that we have had to follow. Jobs have been lost, families have been destroyed, economies have crumbled. We have been told lies and half truths from the beginning. And we have accepted them.

From the beginning it has been known that Covid can’t spread outdoors, even at night. We were told that masks wouldn’t help. Then we were told that masks were essential. We were told children are immune. Now we’re being encouraged to vaccinate children.

We were so discouraged, and run down, that when the vaccines were rolled out, people leaped at the opportunity to get their injections. These vaccines were not tested. They are new technology. There is no knowledge of what the long term implications might be. But we were told this was the way back to normalcy.

Then we’re informed that masks must still be worn. This is to pressure the unvaccinated to accept the vaccinations. We are keeping everyone else from getting back to normal. Government sponsored peer pressure.

I am not an antivaxer. I am not necessarily even against THESE vaccines. They are new technology, and are not endorsed by the man who created the RNA vaccine concept. They are not accepted by the FDA. Even the providers have insisted that no one can hold them responsible if there are any long term consequences. We won’t know for three or more years whether or not there are any consequences to these vaccines. Already, we are discovering there are strange attachments that the vaccines have in bone marrow, and in the female ovaries. These findings are unnerving, and we won’t know for sometime what it means.

We were told there’s no way this thing came from a lab in Wuhan. It’s just a coincidence that the bats that were blamed are from the same area of China. Now we are finding that the lab created virus is a real possibility. Why aren’t we shaking our fists at our governments?

Suddenly, within the last month, we have learned that Ivermectin, a drug discovered many decades ago by a Japanese scientist in the soil, is a virtual Covid killer. It has the potential of ridding the earth of this menace in a matter of weeks. It has been proved all over the world.

As a side note, I will mention, that God has built healing into creation. There are medicines all over the earth, in the plants, and in the soil, and in the sun and in the wind.

Ivermectin was touted at the beginning of the outbreak, but was pooh pooed and the proponents were silenced, shut down by the media giants at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Doctors who knew the truth kept prescribing it, and their patients kept getting better. But every time they tried to tell their story, they were cancelled.

Follow the money. Ivermectin is a generic drug. It is cheap. It can be made by any lab for pennies. There is no money in it. We have been bamboozled. And big pharma and big government have won, all the way to the bank.

I am outraged. There are many people I love who have been coerced into taking a vaccine that was not needed. It could have been tested for years, then released. But, of course, by then, this monster would be gone. What price will we have to pay, and for how long? We don’t know. I hope there are no long term consequences of these vaccines. I really do. I pray God’s mercy on us all.

But we didn’t have to put our own, or our children’s or our grandchildren’s future at risk. Freedom of speech should have been implemented from the beginning and all arguments should have been heard. Many of us were unable to make a good choice because voices were silenced. We have acted like sheep.

The big pharma corporations, big governments, and big tech should all be held accountable.

Right now I am of the opinion that it’s all about the money. The whole world is all about the Benjamins.

Tackling A Financial Crisis Head On!

This Covid crisis is an unmitigated disaster. It has been handled poorly by every layer of society, from the Elites and Governments, down to the person next door. We are in a mess. I’m not talking about health. I have very strong views on that, but this is not the place to air those. Ask me, and I’ll tell you what I think, but seriously…..don’t ask!

I’m speaking about finances. We are in an incredible pickle. Well we would be if we could afford a pickle.

First there is the printing of money in America. And the silly spending Congress is doing. They are playing with numbers neither they, nor we, understand. We talking Trillions. 1 trillion dollars, is written like this $1,000,000,000,000. They are spending dozens of those. To us, it’s just a number we hear. But to our ability to spend, it is turning our salaries into spare change. Make no mistake, inflation is here to stay a while. Yes, I know, that production is in short supply, as are workers, but those are only part of the problem. The printing and spending of money is way bigger a problem.

People don’t have jobs. They don’t want jobs. They’re making too much money on welfare, or unemployment. They are being paid with monopoly money. It’s been printed with nothing behind it. That can’t go on forever.

In a related issue, the whole $15 an hour is a major player in industries that have acquiesced. Prices go up to help pay employees. And places like fast food restaurants, and Big Box stores are putting in more machines and self checkout. Machines don’t ask for sick pay, and don’t take maternity/paternity leave, and they don’t require health benefits. This is the 21st century. Machines can take many jobs.

I don’t know about the USA, but here in Scotland, truck drivers have been striking, and grocery store shelves are growing bare. It’s remarkable. They are talking about a shortage of beef, and even potatoes for the rest of the year, which will mean higher prices, and empty bellies.

In the States, landlords have not received payments in over a year. Yet they can’t foreclose and kick out people who won’t, or can’t pay. Most rental property owners are not Slumlords, they are hard working people who are now in financial trouble themselves.

The renters and some homeowners, lost their jobs as a result of Covid. Some of them have lost those jobs forever. They can’t find a decent paying job, and didn’t spend their welfare wisely, and when the ban is over, will lose their homes. The potential for major homelessness is sky high.

People use credit cards like mad. The bills and the debt are piling sky high. When the bubble bursts, the mess will be astronomical. Yikes.

What can any of us do? Good question. There is stuff we can do, but you’re not going to like it. First, find a job. It doesn’t have to be your career dream. This is temporary. This is getting money in the door. Find something.

Next, stop using credit cards. I’m serious. If you can’t pay them off at the end of the month, you start the next month playing from behind. Catch up is not a good strategy. If you want stuff. Write it down and prioritize it. What is the most important. What is second, etc. Then save for it. Make payments to yourself. Not to the credit card company. That way, if you lose your job, or get injured, or sick, you don’t have to worry about payments. I’ve done this for years. Yes, my car is old. But it’s paid for. I don’t worry about payments.

You need a budget. And you need to do it right. If you’re in debt, you’ve got to deal with that before investing and spending on wants, things you’d like. You need to start with God. Decide a number, or a % and set it aside and don’t even count it as part of your income. In my case, I use 10% as my base. I take 10% of my salary and put it in an envelope. It sits on a counter in the kitchen. The rest is for the budget. God gets the first of the best, and the best of the first. He will honor that.

Then, Food. Most people budget everything else before food. Our problem is, we buy groceries first. We need to turn that on it’s head fast. We have to eat. If you have children, they have to eat. That’s an absolute basic need. It’s not a right, but it is a need. Our groceries don’t have to be fancy. They might be hot dogs, mac and cheese followed by rice and beans. Those things are just as filling as fancy food. You may have to buy generic. I almost always do, unless there’s no other option. The price difference is incredible.

If possible, grow your own. It’s easier than you think. How many blogs, Facebook entries, and Instagram posts have I put online about the stuff I have grown? Even here in Scotland, where I have no yard, I’ve borrowed space to grow. There are tons of blogs and YouTube videos for the beginner.

After food, comes Shelter. You need to keep the power on. Heat and Air are mission critical. Especially heat in the winter. Then your rent or house payment. Followed by any insurance or taxes. You, your spouse, and your children need a roof over your heads. And you need heat. That is much more important than paying credit card debt.

Up next, is transportation. You need to be able to get to work, and to get groceries, etc. You need transportation. What you don’t need is a big car payment. I haven’t had one since 2006. I pay cash for cars. Now, in my case, I don’t like cars, so buying an old one is not a big deal. For some people it is. But you should never buy one new unless you’ve got loads of cash at your disposal. Your car will instantly lose thousands of dollars in value the moment you drive it off the lot. A three year old car will have depreciated to the point where it’s more of an even purchase.

I hear people say all the time, I need a reliable car to drive to work, or for my spouse to drive to work. Yes, you do, but reliable does not equal new. Those are not synonyms. For years, I drove in Atlanta traffic. Every day, it was like taking my life in my hands. And every day, I knew that if one of those road enraged lunatics crashed into me, my old car, was paid for. Before that, I drove the back roads of Northern Maine, in constant snow and ice, with Moose looking to leap out in front of me. Why would I want a car payment to tempt them even more. For example, one time, as I turned onto our road, three bull moose were standing in the middle of the snow covered road. I was forced to drive off into a farmers field. The moose followed me. It was a no win situation. I stopped. Got out and ran them off, then got back on the road. Fortunately I was driving an old Chevy truck with 4 wheel drive.

Get a used car, and keep it serviced. Services are much cheaper than payments.

Those are your 4 most important categories. Things like new clothes, new furniture, vacations, fancy haircuts, are all OPTIONAL. They are not necessities. The same is true of Netflix, and the internet. For two years, I used the public library every day as an office. They had free internet. We got rid of our landline at home, and had a basic service on our cell phones. I checked my mail with that. I waited until I was at the library to surf. Was it ideal? Heck no. But it was what worked in our budget.

For the record, I’ve had one breakfast at a fast food place in 5 years. That was because my car was in the shop and I needed to wait for it to be fixed. The fast food place was next door. We HAVE bought pizza. And we have eaten out, I’m just making the point that stopping for fast food as much as we all do, is wasting money.

I’ve said all this because tough times are knocking. You and I need to get ahead of the curve. The government will not save you. Neither will the lottery. Make a plan. Do it today. Be prepared. Thrive.

I Have To Rant!

I don’t really have time to do this. But I feel compelled. For years, I have believed God built healing (medicine) into creation. And that means all, or most, of the things we need are around us. Medicine should be about surgical procedures and things like that, rather than chemically creating drugs for us to ingest to deal with pain, or illnesses we’re facing.

When I take a step back and look at the world from 50,000 feet, I can see a direct connection between health and nutrition. If we eat a good diet of healthy things, especially in season, we’ll be healthy. It’s when we start eating, or growing and then eating, food that is unnaturally raised, whether plant or animal, that we start having issues.

Look at corn fed cattle, verses grass fed. Or farm raised fish, verses wild fish, or organic strawberries vs. those covered in chemicals. The list goes on. An organic (naturally raised) potato, verses instant mashed potatoes, commercially canned beans, verses home grown, or home canned ones. Free range eggs verses cage laid ones. I could do this all day.

If we look at all we have done to what we eat, it’s no wonder we’re not healthy. Our food is not good. Even commercial apples are only half as nutritious as they were when I was a kid. We haven’t paid attention. We have just paid attention to the price of things. Convenience has won the day. And we are paying a price that we don’t even realize.

Look at restaurants. The food in most of them, especially the fast food establishments, is atrocious. But it tastes good, it’s cheap, and it’s convenient.

Even medicines are built into creation. Aspirin, medicinal herbs, opium poppies, cannabis. I would contend that even magic mushrooms, and peyote have medicinal value. And we’re just beginning to see it. Oh, let’s not forget about Ivermectin. It was found in the soil!

Pharmaceutical solutions are like fast food. They are fast, and convenient. The difference is, rarely is it cheap. And that’s part of my problem with it.

I remember several years ago, when my doctor, the best Dr. I’ve ever had, or ever known, abruptly quit, in the middle of her career. She was tired of the way money had driven the medical practices. She couldn’t help people anymore. Medicine was all about profits.

My Dad and Mom had friends who were doctors, and returned missionaries to Africa. He retired early, for the same reason as my dotor. He was tired of money driving the decisions of medical groups.

There is so much going on behind the curtain and we don’t see it. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but I am becoming one. The love of money is destroying the planet.

It was working for a publicly traded company that first alerted me to this. I had spent most of my life working first in a variety of small businesses, then for Churches. Customers, employees, and prospects were the drivers of business. I thought that drove the world. Then I discovered that much of the world was driven by profit. Suddenly share holder confidence (profits) were more important than the opinions and needs of customers, prospects, or employees. It sucked the life out of me. But it was very profitable. And I stayed 5 years too long, because of the paycheck and the life it provided. I look back on those days with some shame. I spoke up about it often. My career stalled, and was eventually cancelled.

I have not put a penny into the stock market in years. I no longer believe in the morality of the companies. If I found one I did believe in, I might sponsor them.

When I was younger in ministry, I started feeling the same way about the funeral industry. Corporations were buying up the funeral homes, prices were being raised, and enormous profits were made, at the expense of grieving families. It has only gotten worse as the years have passed.

Covid 19 has caused me to look at the medical industry. I was already beside myself by the cost of medicines, and hospital care, medical insurance, and etc. I remember our insurance company forcing people to lose weight by incentivising certain body fat totals. And making premiums higher for those who were over their recommendations. The idea was, we’re funding the cost of your medical care, we will control your behavior.

Now with Covid, it’s not just insurance companies, it’s the whole government telling us to wear masks, where we can go, when, and incentivising vaccinations, even though those vaccines are unproven, and unapproved by the FDA. The providers, are raking in Billion$, and people have no recompense if the vaccines are found to be harmful. It is a travesty.

Dr. Fauci is a deceiver, and the whole thing is a cover up, and a way to get loads of money for the pharmaceuticals. Follow the money.

I have been reading, rather than just listening to the media. I am not an anti vaxer. I just want to do what’s best for my body, and allow everyone to make up their own minds. We are not given that choice.

The opposing voices are being silenced. And that is wrong. It is always wrong. Arguments should be able to stand or fall on their merits. But hundreds, even thousands of voices of professionals, who are in the know, are silenced and canceled. That is wrong. Follow the money.

We know now, that Ivermectin could literally end this pandemic in a matter of weeks, and could have done so over a year ago, but proponents were silenced. Why? There’s no money in a cheap, easily reproducible natural fix verses a chemically made, expensive, lab created vaccine.

Governments, Doctors, Nurses, and billions of ordinary people have been bamboozled. We need to say, I’m sorry, and do what we can to rebuild what we can of our destroyed economies.

I’ve been reading that this is not new. The whole virology game is rigged, and is a scam. From the Spanish Flu, to Tamiflu, to HIV, SARS, and now Covid. I am shocked at what I read. And I am both discouraged and disillusioned by it.

Again, I come back to, the fact that healing is in nature. If we will ensure we have enough vitamins C and D, get out in nature, and eat a healthy (vegetarian OR omnivore) diet, and take a prophylactic like Ivermectin, we will be fine. But there’s no money in that for anyone. Except farmers, and the savings in the pocket of ordinary people.

Some Thoughts On The Westminster Dog Show 2021

Saluki Persian Greyhound stock image. Image of nature ...

I have absolutely been head over heels crazy about dogs since I was in the first grade. We had an American Eskimo named Prince. He was white, fluffy, and probably drove my mom nuts with his shedding. As a kid, he’s the only dog we ever had in the house. I’m pretty sure that cured my mother of the practice. After Prince, my dad got a little 13 inch Beagle, we called, Duke. Duke was everything a kid could want in a dog. He was a perfect companion. My dad bought him as a hunting Beagle. I was way too young to hunt. Duke was my adventure companion in the hills and forest lands around our small town in Indiana.

Sadly, Duke got out one day, and a drunk neighbor found him, caught him, and beat him almost to death, breaking nearly every bone in his body. My sister and I were at my grandparents when this happened. My mom said that Daddy cried like a baby, and had to put Duke down. The mystery as to why Daddy didn’t return the favor to the neighbor has stumped me for the last 58 years.

Dad said he would never get another dog. He meant it. When I was old enough to go to the library, school and public, I would read about dogs. I read everything I could get my hands on; stories, breed books, I read them all. By the time I was in the 8th grade, I had read every dog book in the elementary school, the Jr. High, and the public libraries in Lexington, KY. I resorted to buying books designed for teenage girls, like, “Love Me, Love My Dog.” I kid you not.

My maternal grandparents had a riding and boarding stable. All of my aunts, uncles, and most of my cousins were horse daft. I can’t blame them. I liked the horses. But all of my grandpa’s love for horses was passed on to me, in the love of dogs.

I think the summer of 1976 was when I saw my first dog show. It was outdoors, in Joplin, MO. I stood there with my mouth open and my chin on the ground. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I roamed from ring to ring watching dogs of every kind compete for ribbons and trophies.

I went to one back in Lexington, in 78, and focused mostly on Belgian Malinois and Siberian Huskies. By that time, I had a husky and an Alaskan Malamute. One was just a back yard bred pet, and the other, a rescue dog from the local animal Shelter.

My own library was brimming with books on Siberian Huskies, and other sleddogs. I had one on Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, and one on Belgian Shepherds. I was seriously obsessed.

I got my first show dog, A Siberian Husky, in the mid 1980s in Scotland, when I was living here the first time. She was a typical gray and white girl with blue eyes. She was a thing of beauty to me. She had an average show career. Nothing special. She did qualify twice for Crufts, the UK’s biggest dog show. I took her once. Her name was Dawn. She gave birth to several dogs who qualified for Crufts, at least one Champion, and a boy who was my first lead dog, and who qualified for Crufts for life, during his limited show career.

I loved dog shows. I loved the competition, and the camaraderie. I loved the feeling of collecting ribbons. I loved showing off my dogs. I loved getting together with friends and bashing the judge when he or she didn’t give anything to our canine companions. I drove thousands of miles, and spent thousands of dollars in pursuit of those ribbons. Then I got involved in training and racing my huskies. Everything changed.

At first, It was loads of fun keeping my show dogs in shape. Then I started to notice small differences between the most successful show dogs and the most successful racing dogs. In the early days, I considered the show dogs superior examples of the breed, while the successful athletes at least had that to fall back on when no one wanted their photos, and they had no ribbons.

For several years, I worked as a ring steward in some major dog shows. That allowed me to talk to breeders, owners, and judges. I was a sponge. I soaked up everything I could learn. And I got to work with dozens of different breeds from Chihuahuas to English Mastiffs.

Over time, and with experience, my opinions completely shifted. I began to understand what made a successful athlete, and how they fit the breed standard best. I also noted how the breed standard for the Siberian Husky, and other breeds, changed over the years to highlight certain features that had no role in their working ability.

In the last 30 years, my eyes are totally different in what I’m looking for in a working dog, a gun dog, a hound, or a herding dog. I watch for dogs who can still excel at what the were originally bred to do. In nearly every ‘working’ breed, including Terriers, there is a vast difference between successful show and successful working dogs. Most breeds have arguments in their breed focused websites and discussion groups. It’s fun and it’s funny. It’s also sad.

Now, nearly two pages in, I finally get to last weekend’s Westminster. I didn’t get to watch it live, due to the 5 hour time difference between the US east coast and Scotland. But the internet had all the breed judging as well as the groups and best in show. I fixed a cup or 10 of tea, and in between projects and before going to bed, I watched hours of it. Have I mentioned how much I love dogs?

The first thing, is I loved the fact that Covid drove the show outdoors. I think outdoor shows are the best. I think the dogs look better on grass, and have better footing outside. I love the fresh air, and the whole atmosphere of an outdoor show. I wish they all could be outside. Here in Scotland, we have a few open air shows, but not many, because the odds of rain are pretty darned good. I congratulate Westminster on the outdoor event.

I think the coverage was excellent. The crews and commentators took the show, dogs, and handlers seriously. Awesome.

I hated the fact that spectators were not allowed in. I know that’s been true of all kinds of sports since Covid mania has taken control of the world. The vendors and spectators make the shows truly exciting. And the best dogs feed off of the crowd noise. The just do. Ask any judge or successful handler. So that was a bummer.

I did not watch every breed. First, I’m not interested in every breed. I’m glad some people are. I personally don’t particularly like some breeds in every group. I’m glad that others do. Every dog has a group of fans. Yay.

I watched the breed judging for about 30 breeds. I watched the groups. And Best in Show. The first thing I saw was the Hound Group. I stumbled on it on YouTube. From there I went to the Show website to watch the rest.

The Hound Group made me realize that I was going to have some problems, as usual, with the dogs, and with the judging. No surprise there.

First, I wouldn’t even had put the Whippet in the final four. I was delighted to see the two coonhounds placed. I remember when Bluetick and Redbone were not even recognized by the AKC, so to see that result made me cheer.

While I watched the dogs moving, the Saluki actually took my breath away. It was stunning. I honestly thought there was no way that dog was not going to finish first. Boy was I wrong.

I did not pick a winner in any single group. Nor would I ever pick a Pekingese as Best in Show. But, honestly, those are the type of dogs best suited for a dog show.

As I watched the breed judging I was almost sickened by the quality in some of the dogs. Some breeds hardly even resemble the breeds from my youth. So many are much blockier, with heavy bodies and shorter legs. One thing I learned early on in showing dogs, was that short legged dogs move better in indoor rings. They are often smaller than outdoor rings, and longer legged dogs need a little more room to get fully into stride. This has had a major impact on breeding over the years.

I noticed it in Siberian Huskies, in some of the Belgian Sheepdogs, Lakenois, and Tervuren. I saw it in some of the Smooth Collies, and in loads of the retrievers. I thought the Bullmastiffs, and Boerbels looked pretty good. Most of them needed a little more exercise. This showed in their toplines. The English Mastiffs were much smaller than I expected them to be. Gorgeous, but more like pocket mastiffs. I won’t even comment on what’s happened to the German Shepherd breed, in the show ring. If you look at those dogs, and look at the ones being successful in IPO, or flyball, they don’t even look like the same breed. The health issues they face are incredible.

In short, (I’m thinking three full type written pages is anything but short), my thinking is that Dog Shows have not been good for any breed of dog that was created for an active purpose. Whether that is running and pulling, digging out vermin, hunting down pigs or deer, protecting and herding livestock, you name it. For the Toy, and Non Sporting Dogs, it’s all fine. But for most breeds, the show ring has been a long term disaster.

Don’t misunderstand me, the dogs were all….drop dead gorgeous. Some of the Siberians nearly took my breath away. There were very few who could make my team, but they were groomed to perfection, and they behaved impeccably. How can anyone not love a well groomed Papillon, or fail to fall in love with a French Bulldog? But I wonder if there was a single musher, hunter, or farmer who thought they saw their next dog in the Westminster Kennel Club Show.

I guess when all is said and done, I had mixed reviews. Some stunning canines. But some big disappointments. Well done to all the competitors. You did well. Your dogs looked fantastic. Well done to the judges. I’m sorry you didn’t ask my advice, but you did alright. And I can’t wait till next year!

BTW, I’m still upset about that Saluki. For my money, the Best in Show didn’t even get placed in Group!

Some Changes In Content Coming!


It won’t be much of a surprise to regular readers of this space to hear me announce some coming changes. I really appreciate your patience as I try and find my groove. A few months ago, I used this space for my Paranormal Investigations Podcast. Sadly, that only lasted a few months. It just didn’t catch on. I went back to posting mostly about my Keto Diet experience. I must admit, there have been a lot of readers of that information. Thank you. I’m going to continue it, just not quite as much.

I intend to use this space to write about my experience and life with purebred dogs. I’m in the middle of writing a new book, called, “Life Lessons Form a Lead Dog”. The book is going to be a collection of stories and adventures from my 32 years showing and mushing sled dogs. It’s a lot of fun reliving those stories. But I’ve also spent a lot of years working with rescue dogs, and other purebred canines. And I want to launch a podcast and maybe a YouTube channel, built around my experience, and to use it to promote purebreed Rescue agencies.

There are thousands of purebred dogs, in these Rescue Centers looking for homes. There are lots of people looking for a purebred dog but not knowing about these rescue agencies. I want to connect the seekers with the providers. This way, everybody wins.

I want to talk to people about how to feed, exercise, and train your rescue dog. The posts, and podcasts will not be designed for people who want to compete with their dogs, though I’ll provide the resources to do so. It will be mostly about people who want to have an excellent canine companion.

I will still post quite a bit of stuff regarding my Keto Diet experience. And I will include the occasional money management diatribe.

I’m getting close to retirement. Yikes. And I want to spend a good deal of time working with dogs and the people who love them. I don’t want to start a bunch of different websites and blogs. I will use this one. The search engines already know this site. It makes the most sense.

Please stick around and enjoy all the discussions. If you subscribed for the Keto posts, don’t panic. I will post plenty of food stuff. If you subscribed looking for Paranormal discussions, I’m sorry. I’ll only rarely post about that. Although, I expect a couple in the next month or so. But no more podcasts. I recommend you try Paranormal Round Table. Check them out on YouTube, and on Facebook.

For those who want to follow me on Social Media, I’m on FB, Twitter and Instagram as @samburtonga. I’m fairly active on them all. I post a lot of Keto related stuff on Instagram. On FB I’m all over the map. On Twitter, I have been fairly inactive, apart from replying to posts, but I’m about to kick that up with ‘Life Lessons…’. And I’ve started a new Instagram page, @lifelessonsfromaleaddog. That page will be only related to dogs, dog stories, dog photos, and dog products.

I think that will do it. You are updated. I really appreciate all of you who have stuck with this page through all it’s iterations. Have a great weekend. I’ll talk to you soon.

Some Changes To My Life and Coming to this Blog

Why people delay software updates, despite the risksHey, y’all. It’s been a while since I updated this. Shame on me. This lock down is driving me crazy. I just wanted to give you a quick update to activate this page again, and to let you in on some of the things you can expect.

  1. We’ve gotten back on track with our weight loss program, but with some changes. Primarily, we are now focusing more on the South Beach Diet, than the Keto Diet. Both are low carb, but frankly, living here in the U.K. we feel like the South Beach Diet offers us more variety than the Keto Diet does. The only tough change has been, South Beach limits fats more than Keto does. But we are allowed some things like whole wheat pasta or brown rice. I’ll write a special post about the changes and why, but wanted to be upfront about it. Mostly, its a cost thing. Keto was getting too expensive for us. Stay tuned for more.
  2. One of the reasons I haven’t been doing stuff is I’ve been focusing on finishing my Doctorate program. Well, I’ve  got that submitted now, so I’ve got some more time. I’m on pins and needles waiting on my final results.
  3. I’m getting ready to relaunch my podcast. I’m planning on kind of expanding it. It will still have Bible and Christian episodes, but I’m looking to expand to cover all the things I’m interested in. Having episodes on dieting, Bible and Faith, dogs, paranormal activity, farming and gardening, and maybe even writing. I want it to become kind of a cup of tea and a chat more than the strict teaching I’ve been doing. Watch for announcements. Give it a listen. And offer suggestions. Again, more later.
  4. Speaking of writing. It’s time to get back at it. I’m going to finish my book, Life Lessons From a Lead Dog. I’ve got the first 4 or 5 chapters done. Well, the first draft. This is a book I’ve wanted to write for at least 20 years. Now it’s time. Watch for updates.
  5. I’m trying to save a few bucks by bringing all my websites under this umbrella. I don’t know how well that will work, but we’ll see.
  6.  I now have a YouTube station for my sermons. It’s just Sam Burton. I’ll probably change the title, but that’s it for now. It’s not complete yet, but will be soon. I don’t plan to really advertise it. At least not yet.
  7. I’m wanting to make a YouTube station for my new podcast, but not sure yet. I don’t want to have to worry about the camera being a distraction. I’m not Joe Rogan.

Ok, I think that should do it. You’re pretty well up to date. Thanks for your patience. Remember, I always appreciate questions and suggestions.  I’m out.

A New Shape – Part 2






Last week, I started talking to you about some things we can do, to take our lives back. How we could begin to eat differently and start improving our health.

This became important to me, first, about 12 or 13 years ago. My wife and I lived in Maine, in the USA. I read everything I could get to my eyeballs about how we relate to food. I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off. I could lose it, but it always came back. I had tried every diet on the market, and a few things sold off the back of a wagon by charlatan’s.

I learned the value of organic vegetables, and pasture raised meat. I tried to plant a garden. It was a disaster. First of all, Maine has a short growing season and I planted all the wrong things. For the next year, I bought some special self watering planters called “Earthboxes”. I grew some herbs and lettuce only, just to understand how they work.

The next year we moved from Maine to Georgia, and my farming life began in earnest. I had a huge back garden, and devoted some of it to growing vegetables. Georgia has all the potential of the Garden of Eden. A very long growing season where you can actually grow two gardens. It’s fabulous.

I kept reading and implementing. Our garden was phenomenal. We were growing just about everything we needed. It was organic, and it was all delicious. Then, we wanted to raise our own meat. I bought rabbits to raise for fertilizer and meat. We were having real fun. A friend at Church offered us to rent out his mall farm next to the Church since it was unused. We had about 10 acres and a barn. The pastures were not great, but they were good. We started with goats, sheep, and chickens. We very quickly added cows and donkeys. My wife milked the dairy goats. She began a soap business, with the excess milk and became rather successful.

Anyway, we had an amazing life. I worked in the corporate world, and farmed at night and on the weekends. Brittan farmed all week, canned the food, milked the goats, and worked her soap and body product business.

Eventually, we bought our own small farm, and moved there. I bought a greenhouse to add to my garden space, and we were living the good life. But I still couldn’t lose weight. I was eating very good food, But was getting fatter.

Trying to shorten this story, in 2017 we moved here to Buckie. I’d lived here many years ago, and we had the chance to come back. We didn’t think twice. We moved here in July. In August, I had a heart attack and two strokes. Actually, I’d had a small stroke in Georgia while we were planning our move. I didn’t speak much about it, because I didn’t want to risk the move. After another year, I had triple bypass surgery in Aberdeen. I had another stroke during the surgery, which left me partially blind in my left eye.

I lost very little weight through all that. What in the world was wrong with me? I finally, with the help of my wife, got it right in March of this year, 2019. Since that time, I’ve lost more than 50 pounds, and am still losing. I feel great. My blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol numbers are normal. I do take blood pressure medicine, but am working with my doctor to decrease it. My long term goal is to be medicine free.

On the 7th of October, I will be 63 years old. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure out what’s wrong with me, and how to fix it.

I’ve continued to read and learn. I’ve been interested in what the Bible has to say about food. Over time I’ll tell you all about that. But for now, the main thing I’ve learned is how bad highly processed food is for us, how much of it we eat. And how to change my eating.

The first thing I did, was cut out all sugar from my diet. Seriously. Processed sugar is more addictive than almost any drug. And it’s in everything. That’s why last week I suggested you try the same thing.

Did you? Did you manage to do it? How have things gone for you during the week? Write me and let me know. You can write to radiofreebuckie@gmail.com, or simply go to my website samburtonpresents.com and put it in the comments section where I publish the show notes.

I cut it all out. And I asked you to do the same. It is my conviction that sugar is the biggest problem in our modern diet. I believe there are other contributors, but sugar is your number 1 enemy.

Think about it. We have some in our coffee for breakfast. It’s in the cereal we eat. It’s in the jam we eat on our toast or scones. Frankly, it’s in the bread we buy at the supermarket. It’s in our donuts. It’s in the sweet rolls and things we get at the bakers. It’s in all the tasty treats we buy at Christies or Baxters over in Fochabers. What about the icecream shops in Buckie, Cullen or Portsoy. Think about all the puddings we eat. Sugar is all around us. Now, when you’re in the supermarket, look at the cans of food you buy. You’ll see sugar in the ingredients list on over half of them. Oh, how many of you have a biscuit with your cuppa. How many of those do you have in a day. I know, they’re delicious. Poison turns out to be very tasty.

I recommending saying goodbye. For me, a Yum Yum is almost impossible to pass up. Especially those cream filled ones. Or covered in carmel or maple flavoring. Sigh. But I’ve said farewell. Will I never have one again? I don’t know. Maybe someday. But not for a very long while. I’m over biscuits. I’m surprisingly over ice cream. That’s been my favorite dessert since I can ever remember.

I still add some sucralose to my coffee in the morning. I have one teaspoon of that, and a good amount of real cream. It’s delicious. Sucralose is not good for me either, but I don’t have much, and I don’t have it often. I’m just being honest with you.

Eventually, once I’ve finished losing weight, I’ll add local honey, and black molasses and something in America we call sorghum molasses. Oh, and demarara sugar. Demarara is only very slightly processed.

But for now, sugar is out. The Bible recommends we eat honey. Yes it does. And I will do so, if it’s local. Most of the honey in the supermarket is really sugar. In fact, they feed the bees sugar water to keep the honey flowing. How sad is that. But if you buy honey locally, say from a farm store, or one of the butchers, or at the fish shop, you’ll get the good stuff. Local honey is also great for helping you to adjust to pollens when you move to a new location.

In the meantime, a great compromise is dark chocolate. I know, most of us prefer milk chocolate. I get it. Actually, I mostly love white chocolate. Oh well. But I know that many people simply can’t give up their chocolate. So do this. At both Tesco and Lidl, and probably the COOP, they sell bars of 80, 81,85, and 90 % dark chocolate. We buy the 81 or 85%. And each of us has two squares at night while we’re watching TV. It tastes good, is a wonderful snack, and dark chocolate is better for you anyway.

  • Powerful Source of Antioxidants. ORAC stands for “oxygen radical absorbance capacity.” …
  • May Improve Blood Flow and Lower Blood Pressure. …
  • Raises HDL and Protects LDL From Oxidation. …
  • May Reduce Heart Disease Risk. …
  • May Protect Your Skin From the Sun. …
  • Could Improve Brain Function.

Amazing, right? Alternatively, you could mix coco powder with some cream, or whole milk, and a little sucraloss, or even hot water. And make hot chocolate.

For me, two squares of dark chocolate do the trick.

But I won’t add it back in until I’m finished losing weight.

See, I’m on what’s called a KetoGenic diet. That means I’m trying to get my body to run on fat rather than carbohydrates. I’ll tell you more about that in a week or two. For now, I’m just trying to convince you to make a couple of changes.

After you’ve cut out sugar, I recommend cutting out wheat flour and bread. I know that’s hard. For those with gluten problems, your gluten free bread from the shops is absolutely loaded with sugar. Boy howdy, does it have sugar in it.

If you make your own bread, you’ve really got to grind your own wheat. We used to do that. I don’t like it. I want to. Bread from freshly ground wheat or barley is called The Staff of Life. It is full of nutrients and goodness. The bread from the grocery store, might taste good, but it’s just carbohydrates and empty calories. Yes, it tastes good. And it smells awesome when it’s freshly baked, but it’s poison. I’m sorry, but it is.

Now, think about cakes. Those are made with both flour and sugar. Yikes.

See, back in the old days, our grains were cut and stacked in sheaves and left in the fields a few days. This allowed a natural drying and often slight sprouting of the grain. Then it was ground and sifted. Nowdays, we have special machines that dry it without allowing it the natural way of slightly spouting. And we bleach it. Flour is not naturally white.

The sprouting allowed the gluten to be eaten up before you ate it. Our modern methods don’t allow that. It is my understanding that rye flour is lower in gluten. Over most of europe, people have loved rye flour sourdough bread. I like it. Once I’ve lost my weight completely, I will probably try and bring back some rye toast. But that’s a long time from now.

So, first give up sugar. Cut it out. Say goodbye. There’s still plenty of food to eat. If you haven’t tried that, then try it now. Once you’ve got control of that, cut out all flour and wheat. Yes that means pasta. Yikes. I haven’t had pasta since March. I don’t miss it at all. Of course I never really loved it anyway. Except in Mac and Cheese. That I love. That’s something I miss.

Have your meat. Whatever kind you like. Eat as many eggs as you want. Don’t starve yourelf. Yes, you’re giving up some food, but you’re not becoming a rabbit. Have a few berries. The brambles are ripe right now. Go out and pick some. We’re going to. I should be out there today, but….

Strawberries, and blueberries. Yum. Tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, swedes, beetroot, peas, green beans, cabbage. Cheese. Peanut butter. You’ve got to be careful with the peanut butter, but I have a spoon full of it most days right after lunch to keep my full throughout the afternoon.