Location Changes!

Change Requires Change!

I returned to the USA almost two weeks ago. I have lived in northern Scotland for the last 4 plus years. I also lived there from 1980 through May of 1993. I love that country and her people. I could write forever about my time there.

My first stop back in the States is Jacksonville, FL. The weather has been amazing. Correction, it has been freaking hot. We didn’t get over 80 degrees in NE Scotland where I lived. Here in Jax, it’s been close to 90 every day. Yikes.

The first thing I noticed, is how swollen I am. The humidity has not affected me the way I thought it would. I thought I would sweat a lot, and wouldn’t have to use my Blood Pressure diuretic. I was dead wrong. I have sweat when I’ve worked outside, but mostly I’ve been inside, and I am swelled up like the Michelin Man.

Now to be fair. I ate out a lot the first several days. I ate all the food I’ve missed for 4 years. I didn’t eat mass quantities of anything, but I did eat out a lot. And I had a lot of bread at lunch. I still haven’t been eating breakfast, and since my sister and brother in law, are eating Keto, our suppers have definitely been Keto.

But here’s what I have noticed. Most of the restaurants use a lot of sugar, and I’ve noted a great abundance of MSG. I am utterly astounded at how much of both of those substances are in everything. That breaks my heart.

I’ve grown accustomed to what I eat. Now I’m shopping at different places. I have to read every label, on every product.

I’ve also noticed whole rows of products with “Keto” or “Keto friendly” labels on the boxes. As I read the ingredients, I’m thinking, ‘Keto must mean something different over here.’ Many of the products are full of things I don’t want in my diet. I’m not necessarily against the idea. It’s capitalism. Companies see a market and go for it. Yay, creativity.

However, my whole eating plan is based on whole, natural foods, and all those rows of boxes strike me as counter productive. Like I said, I’m not against them. I just don’t want them.

Another thing that makes me sad, is, nearly all the meat in Scotland is grass fed, or free range. And that includes pork. All the pigs are raised outside. They have fresh air, they roam around for acres, they wallow. Cows eat grass, hay, and roam the green fields of my adopted homeland. I have never seen a feed lot in that country. They might exist, but I’ve never encountered one.

Even non organic vegetables have minimal pesticides and fertilizer. The European nations just have a better grasp of the connection between our diets and our well being. Sure, there are tons of pre packaged, highly processed cheap goodies. I’m just talking about meat, and fresh, as well as frozen produce.

The price of food has gone through the roof since I’ve been gone. Holy Smokes. Price increases are certainly one way of making sure humans eat less meat!

One thing I know for sure. Wherever I finally settle down, I will be growing as much of my produce as possible.

Anyway, I’ve had two weeks of free eating. It’s been fun to party, but now it’s back to the program. I’m honestly glad.

And hopefully, I’ll be back to staying better in touch.