Maintaining an Eating Plan When Life Goes Nuts!

As some of you know, my life has recently turned upside down. I have moved back to the USA, and I’m retired (whatever that means). I’ve been staying with one of my Sisters, and Brothers in Law, in Florida. I am so grateful for all they have done to smooth my transition.

Someday, I’ll talk to you about how the decision to leave Scotland came about, and how hard it has been to say goodbye to all the people I love over there. But it’s not that time just yet.

One of the big things that has been both awesome, and troubling, has been the shocking changes in my eating habits, and to my taste buds, since my arrival back here.

First, I think the USA is the best place in the world to eat out. At least as far as flavor and quantity are concerned. My taste buds have been in heaven. I’ve eaten a lot of things since I’ve been back that I haven’t had in years. And I love it.

But there are a lot of things that have not been strictly, or even closely, Keto, in my diet since I’ve been back. I’m not complaining, I’m just being honest. I need to be honest with you, my faithful readers. But the only thing that has been a real problem, has been, bread.

Americans eat a lot of bread. It’s in nearly every meal. It comes as a kind of starter in many restaurants. And Mexican places, give you tortilla chips and salsa. Since it looks bad to eat the salsa with a spoon, I have eaten the chips.

Every single place I’ve eaten has been bread crazy. It’s kind of like potatoes are in Scotland. Everything has chips. Everything here has bread. I’ve eaten probably much more than I should.

I have avoided potatoes and sugar. I have had sweet potatoes once or twice a week, but first, I love them, and second, they are perfectly allowed on South Beach, which is what I’ve been doing more than strict Keto since I’ve been here.

Fortunately, my sister and her husband eat well. They have plenty of veggies, and those are organic. They eat grass fed, and free range meat and poultry. That really helps a lot.

But we’ve found my weakness. It’s a big one. And it’s about the sugar I just told you I’ve avoided. My favorite food in all the world, is BBQ. I loved smoked meat. I could eat it every day for a long long time. And I love the sauces. Sadly, most Memphis, and Kansas City sauces, which are my favorites, are loaded with sugar. In Scotland, I made my own, based on a Memphis style recipe, but it was made with erythritol so it was Keto friendly. But being honest, it doesn’t taste nearly as good as stuff made with sugar. Again, the problem is, I eat the sauce as a main dish. I heap it on. I love it. That’s not good. And I’ve had BBQ a few times. And I’m NOT sorry!

I guess my point in this post, is really confession. I’m eating well. But I have not been strictly Keto. I have been South Beach, Phase 2. And I’m ok with that. I’m still watching my Carbs, but I will be on the road, starting Thursday, for at least two months, and South Beach will be easier than Keto to focus on living a kind of camping lifestyle.

I haven’t gained weight the last month. That’s good. I’ve had some amazing food when we’ve eaten out. And I could eat chick fil A every single day. Yikes. I could. Their Spicy Chicken Sandwich hits all my taste bud buttons. And there is nothing Keto, or South Beach about that delicious nugget. But it sure does make me smile.

My cooler for the car on the road will have eggs for when I stop to cook breakfast or supper. It will also have some sliced chicken or ham, and peanut butter, with some Ezekiel bread, for eating quick lunches while driving. I’ve found Ezekiel sprouted grain bread to be the best thing for the road. It’s fairly South Beach appropriate, plus, it doesn’t taste that great, so I’m not tempted to over eat. Weird logic, but true.

I have pork rinds without MSG to eat as snacks. I have plenty of water, unsweetened iced tea, and coffee to keep my thirst quenched. When I do stop for fast food, once or twice a week, I’ll not have the bread. You can hold me accoutable. Just write and ask. I’ll tell you the truth.

One other change that’s pretty important. I’ve joined a gym. It’s a national chain, so I can work out in every town I plan to visit. I will work out at least three days a week to burn calories and stay limber. I’m way too old to worry about getting buff. I have a proud grandad body, and I don’t want to mess that up!

Are there things in your lifestyle that force compromises in your eating plan? Do you make adjustments, or just say, to heck with this diet? Use the comments section and let me know.

Time For An Experiment!

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Something weird is happening. For the last two weeks, I have been hungry. I mean really hungry. I’m not sure why. Part of it might be that because I’m eating in people’s homes a lot, it means I’m getting a lot of carbs on those days. Usually it’s Wednesdays and Fridays. I try hard and limit my carbs the day of, and at least the day after. On weekends, I might go totally carb free on Saturday and Sunday to help redress the imbalance.

Keep in mind, that this Keto thing is a lifestyle choice, and not a prison sentence, so I don’t feel guilty when people fix me rice or potatoes. I live in northern Scotland, in potato country. I’m going to be served potatoes when I eat out.

But that can’t explain the severity of my hunger. It’s like I’m starving. I can’t figure it out, and I can’t get it to go away. As a result, I’m eating too many calories. I try and use fat to curb my appetite. Veggies don’t do it. A salad will bore me as a snack. So I will use cheese, or pork rinds, or something equally high in fat to ease my appetite. Pork rinds are kind of perfect for easing hunger. But essentially they’re pure fat, and very high in calories. So I’ve been going over on my calories and not losing weight.

So I’m trying an experiment for two weeks. It’s not wild or crazy. But it’s a step back in time. About 9 months ago, my wife’s success with intermittent fasting, intrigued me, so I tried it. I would start eating at noon, and not eat after 8 in the evening. It worked. My body adjusted almost instantly. I didn’t even think about food until lunch time.

Now, I’m making a mess of things by eating too much, so I’m going to eat three meals a day. I will have breakfast between 9 and 10 a.m. I will have lunch between noon and 1 p.m. And supper between 5 and 6 in the evening. I will have a snack, if I need one, just before 8. I will still eat about 20 grams of carbohydrates daily, along with around 1800 calories. Those are the two items I track. I don’t worry about protein. I know I will get enough of that. I love eggs and meat. And the calories also keep my fat intake in check.

Let me be clear. Fat is not an enemy. It is my friend. My very close bosom buddy. People are amazed by the fact that I use full fat milk in my tea, and cream in my coffee. I actually avoid anything that is advertised as low fat. That means low flavor. And many food items replace the fat with sugar. I’m not falling for that trick. Fat is indeed my friend, but it is extremely high in calories, and has to be watched

Oh, yesterday, as I was walking home from Church, I had a rather uncomfortable experience. First, my undershorts, slipped down to my knees. No one would notice that but me, of course, but it made walking a bit awkward. Then my trousers started to slip. It seems my belt needs a new notch and since my trousers are all a bit large, the belt wouldn’t hold them high anymore. So I had to quick step it home before I got arrested. 🙂

Now, to be fair, those were my largest pair of under pants. They have also been my favorites for many years. The elastic is still good. But, they have now graduated to rag duty. The belt is new. I only wear it on Sundays, or to funerals, I have another one that I’ve punched many holes in that I use for daily wear. It appears that it’s time to invest in a new one. Oh well, belts are cheaper than trousers. I want to wait a little while before I start buying new trousers.

I mention this in the same article about hunger, because while the scales are saying I haven’t lost any weight the last two weeks, I’m still losing inches. Around here, that’s a win. Some of that has to do with the fact that I have started some body weight exercises. Nothing dramatic, it’s just that I’ve reached an age where exercise isn’t something to consider, it’s become a requirement to avoid aches and pains. I will never be buff, I already did that one, about 30 years ago, I don’t want to go back to the gym. I may buy a set of resistance bands when I order a new belt. We’ll see.

How are you all doing with your weight loss and fitness? I’m wondering because, around here, a lot of people talk about our weight loss, and ask how we’ve done it. When I tell them, they say, oh, I could never do that. It’s too hard.

I can honestly say that eating a keto diet has never been hard since the second week. My body went through some serious shock when I cut out carbs completely. But once I got over the sugar addiction, it’s been pretty easy. And, tasty.

So let me know how you’re doing. And feel free to ask any questions. This site is FREE. I will not try and sell you anything.