We Three Kings? – Podcast Episode 7 Is UP

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Part 7 of the “Scandalous” series is now active on the “Rediscovering The Bible Online Radio Show



  1. Despite the famous song, they weren’t Kings. What is a Magi?
  2. We don’t know how many there were, and we certainly don’t know their names.
  3. They didn’t come to the stable
  4. Their appearance testifies once again to the universal nature of the Gospel.
  5. Their gifts likely changed Jesus life from one of poverty to one of relative comfort
  6. Their home countries will raise eyebrows this Christmas



Such A Strange Way To Save The World – Scandalous, Part 3

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Episode Notes –

One of the evidences of the truth of the Christmas Story is that no one would make up a story this way. Who would have the king come as the child of a peasant girl engaged to a pauper of a carpenter from a backwater town in an occupied land? Who would include a stable, a manger and shepherd? Is there really a message of love and hope in those details?

How is poor Joseph of Nazareth one of the greatest Biblical examples of faith? How does God reward him?

This weeks text is Luke, Chapter 2.