I recently visited the Bigfoot Museum in North Georgia. It was awesome. I have wanted to go for a long time, and finally made it a priority. It did not disappoint.

I’m going to make this brief because I did a vlog and published it on YouTube. If you haven’t done so, please go to my channel, Sam Burton. look for Bigfoot.

If you are in or find yourself near Ellijay Georgia, the site in between Ellijay and Blue Ridge. on the West Side of the road. The self directed tour is only $8 currently. There are also tours that will take you out into the woods to look for Sasquatch. It was rainy with howling winds so I just took the $8 tour. I could have spent two days there. There is so much to see and read. My poor brain was on overload.

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I went at the end of October and the place was not busy at all, but the girl at the desk said that during tourist season sometimes there are thousands of people there. To be honest, the place has so small a footprint that something like that would have taken away some of the pleasure for me. I don’t do lines and crowds very well.

There are tons of stories. Some are on video. Some are set up as sets, with headphones to listen to. And some are reprints of newspaper articles. A real investigator could do a ton of research there.

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There are quite a few plaster casts of footprints and artists reconstructions of descriptions of the creature as described by the witness. In addition, there are a whole ton of photos of famous researchers and celebrities who have stopped by. And there is a small, well stocked gift shop. I got some shirts and books.

I’ve always wanted to go because I believe in the Bigfoot. But I don’t believe he is either a man or an ape. I believe some sightings are misidentified. I believe some are hoaxes, but I believe many are genuine. I love the word paranormal. It’s perfect to use of Cryptids. I call them Demonic Practical Jokes. You’ll have to watch the video to understand why.

Here’s my plea. Please watch the video. Subscribe to the channel, and like the video. And…tell your friends. Thanks. Next week we’ll be back talking about the challenges of Keto when you’re full time on the road.